Mini Maroons

Our junior section "The Mini Maroons" provide rugby for children aged 6 to 14. A thriving part of the Whitby Rugby Club, that welcomes any young people wishing to give rugby a try.

About Mini Rugby

Mini Rugby is fast, muddy and good fun to play. It's a team game where new players can join in very quickly and where fun and participation are more important than winning.Teamwork is an integral part of Mini Rugby and understanding its laws and tactics is all part of the game. This for some children adds to the challenge and interest of the sport.Mini Rugby is a game based on the full 15 a side game but the rules have been simplified to make the game safer and to encourage the gradual development of rugby skills. The rules of the game develop as players get older, preparing and developing young players in stages. For example no tackling is allowed until Under 9’s (Year 4) and no contested scrummaging is allowed until Under 12 (Year 7).

Age Grade Rugby

Mini rugby teams are selected by age based on how old they are on the 1st September in the season (like a child's primary school year) deciding what team they play for. For example a child that is 8 on 1stof September 2016 , will play for the under 9 age group for the 2016/17 season. At Whitby RUFC Mini Rugby starts at Under 7 (Years 1 & 2) and finishes at Under 12 (school year 7). Once children leave the Under 12 age group they progress onto the first year of Junior Rugby. Only children aged 6 & above can play in inter club “matches” but younger players can play for fun and learn alongside children of their own age. Children in Under 7 & 8’s (Years 1,2 & 3) may play Tag Rugby (non-contact rugby) together which emphasises fun and the enjoyment of running with the ball rather than physical contact in defence. From Under 9’s to Under 12’s (Years 4-7) each year group usually trains separately with their own coaches and equipment although from time to time older mini groups will train together to help develop the skills of the younger players.

Who can play rugby?

Mini Rugby has a place for every type of child, be they tall or short, slight or solid, boy or girl. Whatever your child’s build there is a position in rugby that’s right for them. Certain body shapes are particularly suited to particular positions and Mini Rugby allows players to take on specialist roles within the team, particularly in later years. For example, forwards tend to be solid and strong. Backs on the other hand are generally agile and fast. In short, Rugby has a position for every child no matter what size or shape they are.

Trying it out – what’s the next step?

We are very happy for children to try one or two sessions before committing to joining the club as a playing member and any weekly try out subscriptions are entirely discretionary. For insurance purposes however only RFU registered card carrying player members can play in inter club matches and tournaments. It is helpful for new player’s parents to speak to the coach of the relevant age group in advance of a first session.

More Information

For more information about our Mini Maroons section, how to get in contact with us and our safeguarding policy can be found in the following link: Guidance For Players (PDF)